The Pitch


The Pitch is 2-3 paragraphs explaining what this Playset is about.

  • You might include details about where and when the Playset takes place, especially if it's based on a real historical society.

  • You'll probably include some media touchstones that the Playset draws on.


This is your chance to tell players why they should choose this Playset over any others. It's like the blurb on the back of a novel.


The Count of Saint-Lazare draws heavily from the work of Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. These writers lived through the French Revolution and its aftermath: a volatile time of fiery politics and societal upheaval.

We’ll play roles in a costume drama, steeped in fancy outfits and gilded decadence. But it’s not all fine dining and curt whispers, no, there’s plenty of room for swashbuckling action too—be it a clash of swords at dawn, a fiery mob bursting into a luxuriant manor garden, or a daring chase across moonlit rooftops.

Use this playset to visit a Paris that exists only in nostalgia, where beauty and strife clash with theatrical brilliance.

– The Count of Saint-Lazare Playset, Jack Harrison

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